What Do People Say About Land Profit Partners?

I was contacted by you with an offer for the corner of my land. It then became clear to me that, my Legal team who had done the purchase on my property in the early 80's, had made a complete hash of it. It came to light that I did not own the land legally. Land Registry had never registered me as the owner. Anyway, that is all history now. The land and property team have done everything legally required for me and I now after 20 years plus I own the extra portion of land that was omitted and I never lifted a single finger or paid a penny! I am so pleased about this as these things can often overwhelm me. Thank you so much and I look forward to working with you again soon, as a new deal has come forward now.

K Hunt
West Yorks

I have worked with and been involved with them now for over three years. Throughout this time Richard has always been honest, trust worthy and helpful through and through. If there is ever a guy to turn to, should you need some help, Richard is the No 1 contact. What he does not know about the business, probably is not even needed, but if he does not know the answer, I can guarantee he will be back to you with THE answer ASAP.

Richard and Julie are a great pair with a great team. I was very lucky and even got the chance to go to their wedding, which as expected ( like them) was fantastic. Richard and Julie, it's always a pleasure to work with you, and best of luck in all you do.

T White, Builder

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you help me sell my house?

Unfortunately we cannot assist in the sale of houses, either with or without land attached. In exceptional circumstances, for example if the house is only fit for demolition, we may be able to help.

Won’t my house lose value if I reduce the size of the garden?

The main value of a property is in the bricks and mortar.  It is quite common for a house value to be completely unaffected by a reduction in the size of the garden. When you come to sell your house you will lose potential buyers looking for larger gardens and gain those seeking smaller ones.

What do Land Profit Partners (LPP) actually do?

Before a house can be built there are numerous surveys that must be undertaken, plans that must be drawn up and negotiations undertaken with planning officials.  Typically these include a number of legal searches, tree report, flood and contamination surveys, drainage report, environmental search, legal contracts, architects drawings, planning submissions, highways assessments and so on.  These sometimes take huge amounts of time and can carry significant cost. LPP do all these at our cost and risk, so there is nothing for you to do or worry about.

If you don't charge me for your services, how do you get paid?

Our costs are met by the purchaser that we introduce to buy your plot of land, once we have achieved planning permission for you.

Will I have to sign anything?

Yes, but only once we have agreed a price. Then we'll ask you to sign an agreement to sell the land at that price. The agreement only commits you to sell the land for the agreed sum, it does not require you to pay a penny.

I have already had a planning application refused, is there any point in talking to you?

LPP have often succeeded in obtaining consents where others have failed.  If we do not believe that there is a reasonable chance of success, we will certainly tell you.

I already have planning permission but have not yet sold the land.  Would LPP be interested?

We would be happy to review your planning documents with a view to making you an offer.

How do I know I won’t be pressured if I decide to talk to you?

We pride ourselves on our caring and ethical way of doing business.  Here is our promise to you.

Once I've signed, am I on my own?

No, you'll have the home and mobile telephone numbers of your LPP partner so you can get your questions answered any time. Anyway, we'll call you as often as you wish to keep you advised of developments in the planning and sale process.

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